Monitor User Stress with our SDK

Beam AI enables smartphone apps to monitor user pulse, HRV and stress (according to the Baevsky stress index) through the selfie camera. We first extract an accurate 120Hz remote photoplethysmography pulse wave in real-time which is then used to estimate stress, HRV and pulse rate over a time window of your choosing.


Our proprietary rPPG technology delivers up-to 2x better accuracy than competing methods.


Operates seamlessly at 120fps in real-time (processing each frame in less than 0.5ms).


150MB in memory and 20% CPU usage (@ 30fps), leaving plenty of compute for your app.

Easy to Use

Just import, initialize and start monitoring. Up and running in less than 20 minutes.

Readily Available

Monitor using only the selfie camera. No external hardware required. No WiFi needed!

Privacy First

Video feed is processed entirely on device and user data never leaves the phone.

Powered by Beam AI's State of the Art Technology

Beam AI Performance on UBFC and MMSE-HR Benchmarks

Currently Available for iOS

Coming to Android in Q4 2022

Test Beam AI out for yourself!

Beam AI Lite

Monitor your stress, HRV and pulse rate on your iPhone.


Beam AI Browser

Browse the web as you monitor stress, HRV and pulse rate.


Beam Team = Dream Team

Peyman Bateni
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Leonid Sigal
Chief Scientist

Our founding team consists of leading AI researchers and seasoned engineers with 30+ years of combined experience in computer vision, machine learning, product development and technical/business leadership.

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To learn more about our technology, speak to our team and/or other enquiries, please contact us via email.

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