BeamVitals™ - Future of Health is in Your Pocket

At Beam AI, we are developing advanced AI technologies for measuring vital signs from a 15-second dual-camera video captured by your phone. Sign up for early access to our iPhone app!

3 Major Vitals

Measure heart rate, blood oxygen and blood pressure, all at once!

Amazingly Fast

Take a 15s dual-camera video, and get vital signs instantly!

Reliably Accurate

Our multi-camera technology produces highly accurate results with confidence intervals.

Easy to Use

Beautifully designed app with a simple and intuitive UI.

Readily Available

Always with you. No external hardware. No WiFi needed!

Privacy First

Your data stays only on your phone. You decide how and who to share it with!

BeamVitals™ on Mobile

iPhone App - Currently Beta Testing

We are currently Beta testing BeamVitals™ for iOS with select users. Our iPhone app will be publically available in Winter 2022. Join our Beta early access waitlist today!

Coming to Android in Q4 2022

BeamVitals™ for Your Business


BeamVitals™ API

Coming in Q2 2022

Family of API services providing vitals measurement from face-videos, 3D inputs and multi-camera recordings.


BeamVitals™ SDK

Release Date TBD

For use cases where local processing is required, we will make our technology availability through iOS and Android SDKs.

Let's explore how BeamVitals™ can help your business

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Beam Team = Dream Team

Peyman Bateni
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Leonid Sigal
Chief Scientist

Our founding team consists of leading researchers, entrepeneurs and engineers with 30+ years of combined experience in computer vision, machine learning, product development and technical/business leadership.

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To request a demo, learn more about our technology, speak to our team and/or other enquiries, please contact us via email.

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